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Coming Back from Coronavirus: Tips for Your Dental Practice

Knowing what to do during these trying times can be difficult and leave you feeling uncertain. While you cannot control the current situation or what is to come, you can control your response. In today’s world, we are able to instantly connect to information and to each other.  So stay connected, join the conversation and develop a plan to retain business over the coming weeks. Continue reading for tips to help your practice during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Stay Informed

Keeping your team up to date with the latest developments regarding COVID-19 is vital.  The better informed your team is, the better prepared they are to answer questions and lead conversations with patients.  Stay up to date with the latest developments by clicking here.

Have a Plan

Will you remain open or temporarily close your doors?  How will your practice handle scheduling changes? How will you handle concerns from your team?  These questions and many others require that you take time to develop a plan for your practice. The more uncertain you are, the more uncertain your team and also your patients will be.  If you need help developing your plan, feel free to reach out to your Ascent Account Strategist.  

Utilize Team Meetings

Team meetings are the perfect opportunity to discuss challenges your team is facing and develop a game plan.  Use this time to evaluate the best course of action, not only for your practice but for your patients as well.  If meeting in person is not an option, utilize alternate methods such as video conferencing or online chats.

Keep Your Patients In The Loop

Whether it’s updating patients on your temporary business hours or informing them of precautions your practice is taking to ensure their safety, it’s important to keep your patients informed.  During a time of such uncertainty, it is extremely valuable to be a source of information for your community. Remain transparent with your patients and let them know of any changes within your practice and how those changes will affect them.

Engage With Your Community

55% of adults get their news from social media*.  This makes now the ideal time to increase your involvement on social media and using this as a means of communicating with current and potential patients alike.  For posting ideas, check out our social media resources by clicking here.

Know Things Will Return To Normal

It’s important to prepare for things to go back to normal and to continue regular business operations as much as possible in the meantime.  Remember that once this is over, people will be eager to get back to their normal routines. Maintaining your marketing and other business plans will ensure you are ready to get back to business as soon as things return to normal.  If you need help adapting your marketing to the current situation, please reach out to your Account Strategist. 

Ascent Practice Growth Strategies remains your partner and can help your practice navigate through these uncertain economic times.  Our team is ready to help! Feel free to reach out for more information or assistance.

*According to Pew Research Center.  


Erin Wise is our Direct Mail & Traditional Marketing Specialist at Ascent Practice Growth Strategies. She has been working in dental marketing for 4 years as a project manager and marketing specialist.

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