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Free Social Media Graphics and Content For Dental Practices During COVID-19

We want your practice to feel confident in communicating with your patients and to help you out we’ve prepared some additional social media resources, graphics, and post recommendations for you to be able to post. To learn more about some of our other social media recommendations go to our blog post, How Your Dental Practice Should Approach COVID-19 On Social Media here! 

Social Media Graphics and Messaging for Your Use

As a dental practice, you should be able to use these across most platforms you are involved in, including (but not limited to) Facebook and Instagram! Below are graphics you can download and some content you can use while communicating with your patients.

Emergencies Only/Temporarily Closed

In recognition of the recent COVID-19 updates, we have decided to temporarily stop all routine and non-emergency dental care in order to keep our patients and team safe. We will still be available for emergency dental services on a case-by-case basis. We will be in contact with you to reschedule your routine dental visit. Please give us a call if you have any emergency dental needs or any questions! 

Due to Covid-19, Should I Cancel my Dental Appointment?

(If Staying Open): At our practice, we always strive to have the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Our practice is currently staying open, and monitoring updates as this COVID-19 situation evolves to determine the next steps. Before you come to your dental appointment please check to see if any of the situations below apply to you! We look forward to seeing you and want you to know that we will take every necessary precaution to ensure your dental health and safety. 

Infographics include

  • Travel: Have you recently traveled to an area with a known local spread of COVID-19?
  • Close contact: Have you had close contact with someone who has a confirmed case?
  • Symptoms: Do you have a fever or symptoms like a cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing? 
  • Are you immunocompromised or over the age of 65? 

*If you answered yes to any of these questions please reschedule!

Keeping You Safe

Go through this list to evaluate what you are doing in your practice to protect your patients! 

 At our practice, we are always doing everything we can to keep our office clean and sanitized! At this time we are doing more to help keep you safe like: 

  • Helping patients to self-diagnose before coming to the office 
  • Providing a rinse to reduce any microbial issues in the mouth 
  • Disinfecting in between each and every patient 
  • Utilizing opportunities for patients to wait in their car before their visit instead of our waiting room
  • Staggering appointment times 
  • Doing regular sterilization in high traffic areas
  • Asking only patients having an appointment come into the practice

Bronte Stevens is our Social Media Specialist at Ascent Practice Growth Strategies. She has been working in dental marketing for over 2 years as an account strategist and social media specialist. She has a degree in Communications with a Public Relations emphasis from Brigham Young University.

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