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Something this good must be expensive, right?

We’re so good at what we do, we don’t need to charge an arm and a leg so you can see a tooth.

Our pricing ensures you are profitable on each new patient. The average value of a new patient is about $1,500 over the first year. Most practices have about 65% overhead. This means you have about $525 profit with each new patient in the first year. Since the maximum we charge for a new patient is $179, this leaves the average practice around $350 in profit.

How our competitors work

Gambling for patients
Cross your fingers and hope it works.
With other marketing companies, you pay in advance and then hope that they bring you new patients. The problem is, with most marketing companies, their reporting is so confusing, incomplete or infrequent, you never even know if it’s working. It’s like gambling and then not being told if you’ve won!

How Ascent works

Money in the bank
Only pay after you see verified results.
Can you think of anything else in life where you see the results before you pay for them? We didn’t think so. We get to work for you right away on our own dime and are very motivated to make sure you get as many patients as possible. Why? Because we don’t get paid until you do.

What is our price per patient?

# of Patients
Price per patient
Per Patient

Keep in mind, we don’t charge for a new patient again after their first visit. Also, if a patient doesn’t use one of our patient attraction channels to come into your practice, we don’t charge for them either. (This can include patients that come from patient and professional referrals, insurance referrals or even just seeing your sign out front.) We only charge for new patients we can verify that we played a part in the process of getting them in your door.


You’re billed on the 10th of each month for the previous month’s confirmed patients.
On the first of each month you’ll see the total number of patients by name which we’ve confirmed and your total invoice for that month in the mobile app. We then charge the credit card on file on the 10th of each month for the confirmed total from the previous month. You will have the opportunity to review your invoice with your Success Manager each month. We want to ensure you see the value of the patients compared to the cost to bring them in.

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