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How does a program with guaranteed results work?

It all has to do with Interoperability.
– The art of creating synergies between everything.

Why do few practices land at the top of the most important rankings while most practices struggle to gain any traction?
It has everything to do with creating interoperability, or synergies, between all your online efforts as they relate to Google.

How our competitors work

Independent and ineffective
Chances are, you already using several online marketing tools and not getting the results you want. Why? Because all those efforts are operating in silos and not taking advantage of the synergies and power which are possible when you link them all together.

How Ascent works

Synergized for optimal results
Ascent has mastered the art of interoperability! Our experience, technology, and strategic relationship with Google allow us to create powerful synergies that run through all your online marketing. The result? You get your unfair share of Google searches and dominate new patient acquisition in your market.

We invest in you and take all the risk.

Not only does this cost you nothing until we bring a new patient in the door, but Ascent invests heavily in you right up front! We cover the cost of your new web site development, Google Ads, SEO, reputation management software and so much more! Ascent takes all the risk! While you get new patients….lots of them!

What you're already paying for:

*We’ll even waive the setup fee if you help us get you completely onboarded within a month of signing up.
This means we’ll start all of these services immediately and charge you nothing until we can verify our services brought you a new patient. If we don’t get you verified new patients, You pay nothing for these services.

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