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4 Easy steps to your success:

One of our directives is to ensure this is not only effective but also as easy as possible. Our 4 step process is quick informative and painless. (We cater to marketing cowards.)

Step 1

Qualify and run an assessment of
your key metrics for success.
When you see if you qualify for our revolutionary service, a lot more is going on than meets the eye. Once you submit your information below, we identify a unique code that is linked to your Google My Business account. We then use that code to access dozens of key data points that help us understand exactly the competitive landscape in your area and what Ascent can do to help you flourish.

Step 2

We create a customized business plan for your growth.
Your Ascent Success Manager will meet with you to determine your goals, set expectations and ensure that your plan is set up for success. You can meet with your Success Manager every month.

Step 3

We execute your multi-faceted plan and use current data to continually improve results.
Since we only get paid after you see a new patient, it’s critical for us to be effective for you. Over the last 15 years working exclusively with dentists, we have developed proprietary marketing techniques and cutting edge technology that allow us to deliver the best results in the industry. Continuous account monitoring and corresponding adjustments, improve results over time.

Step 4

Download the Ascent Reporting phone app. Inside, you will see your data, updated daily.
What you’ll see inside the phone app:

• Total revenue generated by your new patients
• Your verified new patients by name
• The marketing source that brought in each patient
• Plus call tracking, search data and more

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